Spatial data without context, change management or purpose quickly loses value

To retain value, all underground utility services information needs to be accessible, spatially accurate, detail relevant metadata information and record the status and validity of each record. At Utility Mapping our goal is to understand your purpose and ensure that the utility services and data we collect adds value to your operations as quickly as possible.
To provide such a solution, Utility Mapping has developed a philosophy of Data Management as a Service (DMaaS). DMaaS is not merely a data collection and storage solution that allows you to retrieve the data as required. It is about processing and managing the spatial data from a single point of truth, so that it can be integrated with existing processes and systems (3D CAD, BIM, GIS, VR and AR) to create a seamless connection. Each solution is tailored to meet the customers needs. Our motto is to “start with the end in mind”.

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