GPR Surveys

Ground penetrating radar surveys, otherwise known as GPR surveys, have evolved significantly over the last few years and are an essential tool in the box for utility mapping. The technology on its own can be used as a non-intrusive scanning tool to gain imagery from within the ground of your site.


At Utility Mapping, we combine GPR technology with total station and GPS devices to conduct surveys with high accuracy for clients in London and across the UK. We utilise the subsurface data which can be collected, positioned and analysed in both 2D and 3D and generate subsurface tomography image maps and depth intervals.


GPR Survey Applications

GPR surveys can be used to:

o Locate subsurface structures and Utilities such as underground service tanks and air raid shelters.

o Obtain subsurface data efficiently for post analysis in normally hard to reach areas such as roads and runways.

o Comprehensive 2D and 3D image and drawing reporting.


We are unique in providing GPR services that enable us to create detailed reports and drawings that integrate seamlessly into the client project workflow. We also conduct our GPR surveys in accordance with the PAS128:2014 specification, as we do with all utility mapping surveys and services we provide for clients in London and the UK.


To learn more about our GPR surveys, contact us today by calling 0800 024 8627.

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