Mobile GIS and Data Collection:

Utility Mapping’s mobile GIS platform combines workforce management with advanced GNSS, CAD & GIS features, for fast, accurate inspections, surveys, audit and field data collection – The goal – to allow customers to access and realise their data!
Mobile As-Built Capture – We can survey newly laid pipes and cable routes in the field and feed the data live to the cloud with supporting images of the reinstatement, site cleanliness and condition. This process reduces compiling site drawings and processing of that data back in the office. All the data can be stored on our GIS server and access permission given for you to access the data or you can host the data on your own GIS. This process enables you to store the data in a secure place and have access to it at anytime.
Utility Location and GNSS survey – For borehole clearances, geotech investigations, or just mark onsite only surveys we can conduct a GNSS survey and provide the data to you with supporting images. It means once the paint is washed away you still have the data on file.
Asset inspections – Utility Mapping has a dedicated GIS team for field data collection of assets such as signs, street furniture, drainage pits, power poles, and other assets as required. We work with clients to incorporate forms into our field tablets to report of condition, reflectivity and damage. Once the field data is collected our clients can view this data in real time with supporting photos and videos. Each asset in geo-referenced.

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