Topographical Surveys (PAS1218:2014 QL-C Survey)

As one of the leading topographical surveys companies in the UK, our team at Utility Mapping map the above ground surface features to generate a plan for a site to enable accurate planning and design. Topographical surveys are where we indicate the presence of buried services that can easily be identified such as manholes, stop valves, cable risers, down pipes and trench scars to name a few. All of these present the user with an increased level of confidence as to the position of buried services identified during the Desktop Utility Report phase, thus improving the confidence and quality level from D to C.

Topographical surveys, otherwise known as topographic surveys, collect base plans and feature maps of the site prior to a utility survey being undertaken. These plans and maps provide a valuable resource into the approximate location of buried services within the site. Combined with desktop information, the plans and maps provide a solid base for any of our Utility Mapping surveys. A good topographical survey also provides perfect presentation material to add any buried service information obtained during a QL-B Utility Mapping survey.

Surveys Using The Latest Technology

Topographical surveys are undertaken using the latest Robotic Total Station and GPS equipment and techniques. All collated information is tied into local site control or Ordnance Survey Datum, and can be delivered in 2D or 3D formats.

We remain complaint in accordance with the PAS128:2014 specification with all surveys we undertake. This is so we can deliver the best results for our clients, no matter how big or small their project is.

To get in touch with one of the leading topographical survey companies in the UK, contact our team at Utility Mapping today by calling 0800 024 8627.

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